Research interests

All things are interdependent, nothing exists independently. Thus, the observer can not be seperated from the observed. I am interested in applying systems and network theory to concretize and model the infinite ways things interact and interdepend in the world. Through this work, I hope to help people understand and consequently, be better prepared for the challenges we are facing.

Tag Cloud

biosemiotics, brain computer interfaces, cognition, complex adaptive systems, connectomics, emotion, hierarchical systems, information and its physical substrates, information vs. matter-energy, mind and brain process correlations, mind and life, mind-brain-body-environment-history problem, multi-modal multi-level data integration, network analysis, network visualization, neural computation, neuroanatomy, neuroimaging, neuroinformatics, perception, psychopathology, python, scientific computing, scientific visualization, structure-function relationships, symbol-matter problem, symbols and the brain, the human connectome